The objective of sales management is to achieve sales target as planned through the process and resources that have been organized before at the most effective and efficient way.

Basically to there are four main areas of Innovative Sales Management:

  1. Strategic Planning
  2. Sales Planning
  3. Account Management
  4. Sales Force Management

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning involves activity of Segmenting and creating strategic theme for each segment. Market cannot be treated in the same way, therefore segmenting the market become very important to improve the sales execution process. Positioning for your organization in each segment will determine what kind of objectives and tactics must be defined.

The innovation that must be set in strategic level is about generating breakthrough solution for your sales process that includes:

  1. Grand Objectives for your sales
  2. Customer Segmentation
  3. Strategic theme for each segment
  4. Standardized Selling Process

Sales Planning

Sales planning are about breaking your grand objectives in details, for example sales target month by month, coverage, penetration rate, etc. The Key Innovation for your sales plan is that you must clearly define where the sales come from. Logically you must proof whether the target is achievable.

Key innovative sales plan in summary:

  1. Detailed sales plan.
  2. Consist of Market analysis consideration.
  3. Easy to monitor.

Account Management

Managing account means executing the sales process effectively. The goal is not limited to close one transaction, but also focus on how your account will produce another order in the future, and by design generates the word of mouth between consumers. In order to achieve that sacred goal, you cannot just rely on your product or price leadership. To obtain long-term relationship you must design an innovative after sales service.

Systematically account management requires following activities:

  1. Customer Database, complete with profile
  2. Innovative Relationship
  3. Innovative Service Process
  4. Complaint Handling Management

Sales Force Management

There’s a say that tells “it’s not about the gun, but the man behind it”. And it’s definitely happen in sales management. No matter how strong your product or promotion strategy but mediocre in execution, it will lead to total failure. To perform superior Sales Force, you must prepare the following tools in innovative way:

  1. Define a simple and understandable Key Performance Indicator (KPI)
  2. Build an attractive incentive schemes
  3. Recruit the right man. A man with strong salesmanship. Don’t let the men be on the wrong bus.
  4. Prepare the periodical training & development for the sales force.
  5. Always conduct couching & counseling between supervisors and their subordinates.
  6. Construct strong environment to motivate the sales team.