I found it amazing. Its accessed by millions of users. You have lots of marketing potential on it. Then why don’t you start promoting you products here. Be Active on wordpress.com will also make added value to you. The more you post, the more you are being well known around communities.

Promoting with zero cost, it is certainly possible. Just select the theme as you desire. Put you image, product description. And the most important is, there’s an interaction between you and readers through “comments”. No need for expensive research. Just make a post to attract visitors giving comments on it.

Promote your wordpress account through your milling list. Don’t forget to maximize the widgets. Its also powerful tools to lighten your page. Sure, it’s awesome. I’m newbie here, and keeping explore the potential in it. Previously I wanted to have my on wordpress on my web host. After several observations and trial, google seems will prioritize the page from wordpress instead of my own domain. So, I moved them to here.

Search the keyword on google, the my wordpress pages appear.

From Marketing Side, here are my analysis:

  1. [Product] WordPress.com is the greatest blog host. I’ve tried blogspot from google. It has weaknesses on several features. Although the blog from blogspot will be on the top list of google search rather than wordpress. Multiple blogs, users, you name it. Spend for several bucks, and you’ll get your free customization through css editing. Cloacking the wordpress.com is also possible from your domain setting account. Don’t forget this one, posting as post can be done through m.wordpress.com. When you are mobile, you still able to make a post.
  2. [Place] Well, as I’ve mentioned above. it’s accessed millions of visitors per day. It’s a great place to place your showcase.
  3. [Price] No Cost to several bucks. There’s no place as low cost as in here.
  4. [Promotion] Within 24 hours, your page will be indexed by google. The more you post, the more you’ll be getting wellknown.
  5. [Process] Very easy, even for new user to blogging users. I’ve teach my friend to creat her own blog. And now she seems enjoy updating her posts.

What else? WordPress is crossing your market segmentation. Just put your product positioning. Make it LOUD. PROMOTE it outside the internet.