When first launched, I assumed lytacur was positioned to be the direct competitor of curcuma plus. Unfortunately, its marketing activities were not big enough to spread the awareness, especially to make the consumer to buy the product. And this year, the noise of Lytacur in the Market is declining. This is my point of view about Lytacur opportunity.

[Picture of Lytacur is taken from Dexa Medica website]

Instead of stimuno which is the market still in development stage, the market of lytacur is already established. It reached the common needs among children to consume more food.
Children market is very attractive, since most parent likely more have attention to their children than themselves. Those concerns bring lots of opportunity to create product that is beneficial for both parent and children.

Lets go back to Lytacur discussion. Just relying on BTL activities is also not recommended. Especially when the price is not too-expensive. Creating awareness is very important, so if the budget is very limited we must choose the right method to create awareness.

Here are the 4P’s approach to analyze Marketing Plan for Lytacur:

  1. Product. It’s a good product, but not innovative one unfortunately. No Exact Positioning to make it competitive. Ingredients of the product seems more complete than its competitor. So, the possible positioning for the product is “The Complete supplement for children to maintain Vitamin and increase body defense”.
  2. Price. Since the ingredient is more complete than its competitor, it can be priced little bit higher. And it’s already correct. Deviation of IDR 2000 – 3000 is not significant for the market to choose the better one. But, for product challenger like Lytacur the initial price should not higher. The marketer can use it as “value for money” positioning, ex: “for the same price you get better product”.
  3. Promotion. This the most expensive activities in the marketing. So we must carefully choose the marketing channel.
    • TV Ads according to many researcher is no longer effective to create awareness. And that is true. But again, please wisely choose your Target Segment. Analyze their behavior, so you can choose the right communication channel. I think the target segment for lytacur is for young mothers.
    • Todays young mothers is no longer watch TV in the morning, at least the trend seems to be like that. But most of them, do have cellphone. Why not trying to promote using cell phone channel.
    • Others channel seems to be more effective is through mailing list, community of young mothers.
    • The point is, try to make word-of-mouth between consumers. If necessary state the brand ambassador and give them reward. That’s today marketing trend.
  4. Place. Many ways to put your product closer to the market.
    • The simplest way is to ensure every store nearby the target segment is product available.
    • Todays trend also using your ambassador as the channel distribution. As they always bring the product, they can give free sample for your prospect consumers.
    • School if possible will also become alternative channel through its “Koperasi Sekolah” or  cafetaria.

Remember that todays marketing trend is developing the C2C marketing model. Encourage the consumers to become ambassador of your product. Since we involve the consumer in our marketing activities, many inputs can be gainned to improve out product and also marketing quality.

It’s no longer about the quality of the product we can make, but how the consumers are involved in generating quality products. So it can be purely fulfill their needs right on the target.