Yes… Why don’t you sell it to your friend. Don’t give your product to the for free. Let your friends decide whether is it worthed or not to buy your product. Once your friends feel sastisfied, then they’ll promote it to their friends.

You know your friends better than anyone, you can easily describe the benefit of your products. Tell them why they should purchase it. If your friends don’t make any purchase, it’s okay. At least they’ve already known the goodness of your product. Let’s hope your friends will tell their networks to promote it.

Don’t forget to say thanks to your friends, whether they bought it or not. The most important thing is they’ve spent their time listening to you. That would be the cheapest methods as well as the effective way.

The implementation: You are a Product Manager of your Company. You make network with your colleages, friends, subordinate, cross-subordinate. Before you make a massive marketing communication, tell your friends about your product in personal. Come to their desk, ask for their time. Do not communicate it via email, or even in a meeting. Let this happen in personal. If they feel okay with your product, then continue your marketing program. Ask your friends for any feedback, and ask them to purchase. That will factually show how good is your product.