Many concepts are focusing on how to develop market attractiveness among consumers. There’s few documentation discussing about how our salesmen deal with resellers. Although reseller is part of distribution channel, lots of marketing activities can be performed to boost your sales performance.

As we all may know, many purchasing decision are made when consumers are right on the outlet. The power of display may attract consumers to try or at least aware about the products. However making good display is not enough nowadays. Since many principals will also perform the same thing, consuquently the outlets will be fulled with banners, LCDs, and other displays.

Pipelining Concepts

Following are several reasons why resellers are willing to make  extra purchase:

  1. Competitive Discount
  2. Product scarcity
  3. Longer term of payment

Once the resellers are fulled with product, hopefully they’ll  actively make internal promotion to speed up their stock turnover.

Another method can be performed  by reseller is just simply sell it again to the other channels, since they’ve enough margin even to compete with authorized distributor.

Activating Distribution Channel

As Supplier’s Resellers, to make benefit of Distribution Channel Marketing there are several set up must be done.

  1. Close Relationship institutionally, not just personally.
  2. Extra margin, but perform extra commitment.
  3. Regular coordination or just simply “playing golf” together.
  4. Personal attention is a must.

Customer Intimacy

Dicipline of customer intimacy forced us to:

  1. Develop individual target for each reseller as business commitment.
  2. Make mutual benefit in the long run.
  3. Personalised Account Management to responsively capture reseller needs and problems.
  4. Involve them as Customer Advisory Board.


B2B or B2C practice are not easily applicable in distribution channel model. The point is, distribution channel is one of powerful marketing channel nowadays to respon market behavior which is influential, impulsive, and also referrential. Thats why we put more cost when we sell to Carrefour, Walmart, and any Hypermarkets.