Many success stories tell us about how to successfully execute marketing activities. Unfortunately, the number of “not success” stories are also numerous. Perhaps the concept or even the product itself is the same with the origin one, but unluckily the product can’t follow the success.

To me, the explanation of any unsuccess story is very simple that the product / service is not fit with the market. It doesn’t mean the product has inadequate quality, even high quality product can also face that kind of failure.

Although marketing theory can explain the success factor of giant products, but no theory can guarantee the success if you follow the concept. Marketing theory is frequently not deep enough in giving good advice to the business newbies. The Human Factor, in this term “marketing-sense” is something cannot be duplicatable. The success marketers is likely gifted that not every businessman has.

In this post, I just want to take note that success product is simply happened because it does fit with the market. It doesn’t have to be the greatest product, but it doesn’t mean less quality product will gain greater success. Quality here also means quality that is acceptable to market needs.

Blackberry for instance, why Indonesia is a great prospec for blackberry market? Instead of music/gaming phone that tends to be more individualistic, networking device like blackberry enable for those chatting-freak or facebookers to always connected 24/7. IPhone, according to my prediction will not as success as blackberry. Unless iphone that is launched in indonesia market equipped with networking application just like blackberry did.

Communicator in the other hand had written a success story since the product meets “self esteem” need of indonesian market.

You’ll see it is not easy to describe the “fit” itself. You should be genius to develop an innovative product that really fits. The high price is compensable which the market can accept it very well.

In summary, the key to fit your product to the market then you need to be very creative and dynamically responsive to the market change. What do you think? That’s the simple theory i think.