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I’ll Show You the Low Cost Marketing

There’s so many articles discussing about present and future marketing trend. No matter the method is, budget will always haunt the marketer. This time, I am starting a project. And I’ll proof that it will works as effective as millions budget activities.
The key is, C2C marketing. All you need just orginize and direct them. Hopefully by the end of this year, I can share the project.

It’s Me on Mobile Marketing Workshop

That is me when participating on Mobile Marketing Workshop. Luckily my team won the contest of mobile marketing idea.

Please kindly visit there.

Opportunity behind Lytacur

When first launched, I assumed lytacur was positioned to be the direct competitor of curcuma plus. Unfortunately, its marketing activities were not big enough to spread the awareness, especially to make the consumer to buy the product. And this year, the noise of Lytacur in the Market is declining. This is my point of view about Lytacur opportunity.

[Picture of Lytacur is taken from Dexa Medica website] Continue reading “Opportunity behind Lytacur”

Promote your Product on

I found it amazing. Its accessed by millions of users. You have lots of marketing potential on it. Then why don’t you start promoting you products here. Be Active on will also make added value to you. The more you post, the more you are being well known around communities.

Promoting with zero cost, it is certainly possible. Continue reading “Promote your Product on”

Win the heart of the Sales Counter

I’ve just visited pharmacy to buy vitamin, when I asked for CDR the sales counter then offered me Protecal. Since I used to consume CDR and also don’t really like the taste of protecal, I decided to choose CDR. I remembered that my company also do the same way to the sales counter, but why didn’t she offer me Stimuno?
Every brand I think perform the same strategy, give incentive to the sales counter. But when every product do that, then how can we ensure that our product is to be the first mentioned. Probably the higher incentives could take it all, but how high can you pay?
Logically, you should win their heart, but how. Some expert always say the importance of relationship, not just knowing their hobbies or talking business when we met. You must build emotional relationship, no matter how hard. But indeed there’s always something we must sacrify. It’s not about money, building relationship is a matter of time. Do it on the right time, quite frequent, and right objectives.
The key is, make your relationship greater than your competitors. Touch the emotional, show your respect, and think for long-term relationship. Don’t be pushy, be patient. In time you’ll harvest what you’ve sacrified. Off course you must select the right customers too. The more experience, the more success you can gain.

Event 17 Agustus yang tidak pernah Surut

Dari tahun ke tahun, penyelenggaraan pesta kemerdekaan rasanya makin meriah. Dan yang paling menarik, event 17 Agustus telah menjadi sarana promosi yang dihandalkan. Penyelanggara tidak lg perlu repot mengadakan secara swadaya, jika memiliki market yang sesuai tidak sulit untuk dapatkan sponsor. Belum lagi jika event ini kemudian disiarkan melalui TV Nasional. Continue reading “Event 17 Agustus yang tidak pernah Surut”

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