No Matter How “Bad” is your Product, there’s always a market for it. So, don’t hesitate to produce more product / service to the market. But, each product shall have it’s own “Success Objectives”. Is it targeted to win the market share, or just be the second, or perhaps only certain value of your own.

That’s way defining objectives should be very clear, deep, and timely. “The Long Tail” taught us about managing business for products that is not targeted for the big segment. Kind of Niche Market, but in massive scale. The Lesson is never under-estimate your long tail product or segment.

If there’s conflict between apple and microsoft, then let it be. Every product has their own fanatics. However, criticsm is very important to be followed up and evaluate it with your objectives. Apple and Microsoft is not a good example for managing long tail, since they have big market for each product. My poin here is, why bother with competitors competitive advantage? I mean each product is developed under consideration for their own market. Like or not, there’s no more “brand domination” but only “market domination”. Since today products are built to meet their target market.

For the Long Tail products, it’s kind of a long road to “market domination”. However, since it’s already meet your objectives then it’s done. Someday the battle is not about products, but more about market. How each brand empower the consumer to build fanatic market or community.

Keep producing your creativity to meet your targeted market expectation. Involve them, and stimulate them to be a part of your product development. And your product will never fail in the long run.